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Concertino 2 Pigini Accordion

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  • Concertino 2 Pigini 
  • Brand :
  • Weight :
    8.5 Kg
  • Price : 5660 €


Concertino 2 Pigini

This model shows a quite rich left hand with 3 registers in standard bass and 3 registers in chromatic bass.

Therefore it enables to use the left hand and the right hand in a harmonious way, using the chromatic bass mode (2 voices and 3 registers on each hand).

In standard bass mode, it has an additional voice on the left hand, which gives it low tones, essential to many accompaniments.

Right hand:

- 5 rows

- 76 keys

- 46 notes: E/C# tessitura

- 3 registers

Left hand, in chromatic bass:

- 42 notes with 2 tessitura voices: G/C.

- Three registers (bass flute, concertina and bandoneon)

Left hand, in standard bass:

- 102 bass in fourth voice.

- Three registers.

Perfect to begin the second cycle of music academy, usually around 10 years old.

Comes with straps and a free carrying case.


Accordion New

Housse de transport offerte*

Instrument under guarantee 5 years at the workshop.

Possibility of shipping per parcel with insurance (Free shipping) or collection at the workshop.

*Offer may not be combined with other promotions.

Feel free to contact us for further information.


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