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Compact Plus Accordion

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  • Compact Plus
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    10.5 Kg
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Compact Plus

The Compact Plus shows ideal registers for jazz playing, with sound box bass flute and concertina.

Right hand:

- Range: D# - E

- 4 voices

- 4 rows

- Double sound box (bass flute + concertina).

- 12 registers.

- Recommended tuning: American.

Left hand:

- 4 voices.

- 96 bass.

- 3 registers.

Its “spiritual fathers” are the “jazzy” accordionists.

The addition of a third concertina provides a range of new sounds, including one sound box bandoneon and a 3-voiced American.

12 registers are a Plus! The name was easy to find.

The accordion comes with a carrying case and straps.

Entirely bolted reeds, ergonomics and exceptional sound are the major assets of this accordion.

Moreover, it has an exceptional finishing touch, as per usual for Cavagnolo designs.


Accordion New

Housse de transport offerte*

Instrument under guarantee 5 years at the workshop.

Possibility of shipping per parcel with insurance (Free shipping) or collection at the workshop.

*Offer may not be combined with other promotions.

Feel free to contact us for further information.


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